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Hello everyone!
I'd like to share with some of outfits I make :)
Outfits I'm showing in lj-cut are still available, if you're interested feel free to contact me!

SD outfits.
1. Vampire gothic lolita
Taffeta dress with lace, black lace petitcoat, black stockings. Zipper on the back.
Set: Lolita dress with train, black petitcoat with lace, pair of black stockings.

Price: 50usd.

2. Black gothic lolita
Black merino fabric, decorated with lace, ribbons, roses. Zipper on the back.
Set: head-dress, long dress, pantaloons, socks.

Price: 40usd.

3. Black and white stripes
High quality stripes fabric, decorated with pearl beads, fastened on the back with zipper. Tulle petitcoat underneath.

Price: 45usd.

4. Chequered blue lolita
Chequered blue/white cotton fabric, decorated with lace. Zipper on the back.
Set: head-piece, lolita dress, white petitcoat with lace.

Price: 43usd.

5. Dark pink satin night gown
Dark pink satin fabric, decorated with lace, ribbons and crystal beads. Zipper on the back.

Price: 30usd.

MSD outfits
1.Hot pink gothic lolita
Hot pink merino, black tulle, laces, ribbons, roses, beads, silver cross and silver bell.
Set: headpiece, corset with eyelets on the back, skirt, high socks.

Price: 40usd.

2. Stripe princesse
High quality stripe fabric, white roses decorations, crystal beads, black lace. Zipper on the back.
Set: Neck-piece, long dress, black petitcoat with lace.

Price: 60usd.

3. Romantic
Soft cottons and batists, white lace and ribbons. Zipper on the back.
Set: Headpiece, shawl, petitcoat with lace, long dress.

Price: 30usd.

I accept paypal. No fees!
International registered airmail:
Europe: 7USD (in box: 8usd)
USA: 9USD (in box: 10usd)
Asia: 10USD (in box: 11usd)
Australia: 13USD (in box: 14usd)

Please contact me if you're interested, I can provide more pictures :)

My DoA thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102615
My ebay account: http://myworld.ebay.com/kalcias_workshop
I also take commissions.
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