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Introduction + some pictures

 Hello there! I've been looking for communities that is related to BJDs and sewing, and i am very glad i found this one!
I am a fashion major, but is mostly interested in sewing dollie clothes <3
I do not have much finished work, as I am still a beginner at BJDs (started since...this February). and i think it would be very nice if i make several friends that enjoy sewing dollies clothes as much as me!
I mostly enjoy sewing cute clothes, mostly lolita and asian street fashion. I also love sewing uniforms and making anything related to sweets!
Adrian + Plush

I am currently trying to build up a closet for my boy, Damien/Adrian (he has two personalities).
Mostly making lolita dresses, skirts and blouses for him. Though i do want to make short shorts and furry vests too <33
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