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Desperately seeking custom costume seamstresses/seamsters!

Hello fellow BJD owners. I'm afraid I'm quite new at all this business. I'm used to collecting figmas, statues, and 12'' Medicom RAH dolls, so BJDs are a bit of "uncharted territory" for me. Well, being a fan of Kuroshitsuji, when I saw Azone's Asterisk collection I just knew I had to have Sebastian and Ciel for myself. I got them, and besides the oft-complained about hair-styling issue (anyone have a good, pretty permanent fix for this? The hair is your standard Obitsu plastic synthetic fiber, and I was thinking hair spray and then a little snippity-snip to clean up the edges) they're gorgeous, and I was lucky enough to score the limited edition Ciel to boot. (Also, Sebastian came with a bonus that made my eyebrows raise a bit: Ciel's bedclothes. X3) But of course, being a kitbasher by nature, my mind started insidiously whispering things like "Sebastian looks so much like Claude, and his faceup would be so simple to change...oh, and look at this blonde Pure Neemo boy Azone doll, he would make a perfect Alois..." Before I knew it, I'd bought a second Sebastian, the aforementioned blonde Pure Neemo doll, and then...

I realized that Alois' costume would be impossible to replicate for me! I am an artist of many mediums, but sewing is NOT one of those mediums. I have searched in vain for people who make bjd doll clothes on commission and come up with a big zero.

So, does anyone know of any open commissioners that would tackle a custom costume (and a half)? I need everything but the thigh high socks for Alois, and for Claude a custom necktie and jacket would be nice(shoes would be an over-the-moon bonus). Also, while I could probably make his eyeglasses myself with my jewelry making skills, I'm sure someone else could do it better.

In case anyone needs references:

-- Here's a good one for Alois, ignore Claude. His finalized style looks a bit different.
-- An excellent Claude overview. His necktie, white button-down undershirt and jacket, plus the black straps around his upper arms are the only things that really need custom made. Sebastian's vest looks exactly like Claude's, save for some easily removable "pockets" which are really just stitched fabric rectangles.
-- Colour versions of Claude and Alois turnarounds.
-- An excellent view of Alois without his jacket on, revealing his vest much more clearly and the detail on his shorts.
-- Claude and Alois aside from Sebastian and Ciel. See why I must have these guys as a set!? :)

Any information is greatly appreciated, and in case I'm missing some secret code that's obvious to BJD owners on where to find custom seamstresses/seamsters...I apologize in advance, these are technically my first "true" BJDs, with rooted hair and whatnot. I have some RAH 12'' dolls in progress too that could use some clothing, so any information is like diamonds.

Any little bit of help or suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Crossposted between bjd_sew and bjd_intrntnl (I need all the help I can get! I'm so sorry! ORZ)
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