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sew! sew! sew!

Sewing for Ball Jointed Dolls and other dolls
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Hi! I just created this community on a whim. Please no flaming, everyone has a different opinion, respect others and yours will be respected to. This isn't just for Ball Jointed Dolls, but for other sized/styled dolls also. Feel free to post patterns, sizing pattern information, ebay auctions(your own or otherwise), projects, links, and any other information that you like. :3

Usual community rules apply.
1. Post an intro if you feel the need to.

2. Use LJ-cuts for posts with more than one picture.

3.Don't direct link to auction images that are not your own, or website images that are not your own. Respect the bandwidth please!

4. BE NICE. If you don't like something, that's fine. Try to think of a nice way to say it.

5. Ignore obvious trolls. Please, trolls( people who post just to spark flame wars, usually like, "YOU SUCK!" or my favorite, "I still hate you and your family") only feed and reproduce when you respond to them. Instead of retaliating, just point out that they are a troll(usually the person posts anonymously) and ignore them.

Feel free to post when you're looking for a customizer, a seamstress, or commission. Feel free also to post in looking for work as a customizer, a seamstress or commissions or auctions.

Feel free to post if you need HELP sewing.

If this takes off I'll probably make a master link page, but at the moment I've no time to.

Please take a look at:
under their sewing links for basic sewing information. There's a really great master link with tons of great links. :3

I've never run a community before, so please be nice. I'll try to keep things in line, but hopefully we'll all be responsible and nice.