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SD Size Victorian Capes for Sale!

A joint venture from Lolitas n' Cream and Outland Industries, we offer a sampling of our new creations! Victorian style capes for SD size dolls! Most of our capes are reversible for twice the fashion!

- All pictured are SD size -

Victorian Capes in various colors and styles; all $10 each:

Goldenrod and Burgundy with white cross appliques (reversible)

Pastel Green with heart crystals and bow accents

Burgundy and B&W Stripes with crystal button closure

Burgundy and Silver (reversible)

Goldenrod with silver button closure

We will be working in the next few days on prototypes for other clothing items including bloomers and skirts, as well as accessories like head dresses.

All of these are for sale on our Etsy: Morluna's Etsy Shop

Thanks for looking!
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